JoBugs perfect night in set

JoBugs perfect night in set

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This amazing combo is perfect for a relaxing night in! It will have your room smelling of a spa! 

JoBugs Moonbeam candle

Clary Sage, Lime & Bergamot

A powerful blend of essential oils to give you a calming, balancing aroma. Clary Sage offers a floral earthy fragrance which soothes the mind. Bergamot, mildly spicy with a fruity purifying scent and Lime to add a touch of energy to uplift your mood.

A perfect blend to create a purifying, cleansing yet invigorating atmosphere. Dream on …

100% Vegan and cruelty free, our 30cl Soy Wax candle has an approximate burn time of 50 hours

Candle includes a stunning rose gold lid and is shipped in zero waste and recyclable packaging.

JoBugs Lavender Lust wax melts

Presented in a natural cotton printed tie string bag which is reusable, our soy wax melts are perfect for creating a relaxing aroma in your home.

Each bag (10 x 13cm) holds 15 melts in heart and star shapes and are available in all the same essential oil fragrances of the essential oil candles!